Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spring and Summer Sewing Underway

My new look for warmer weather this year is something along the lines of  Boho....and in amazing circumstances, I found the perfect fabric for all that I had planned for $3 for 5 yards at Wally World..  One fabric was $1.50 a yard but its linen.  Found white cotton gauze too.   Boho Style  has provided me with a lot of inspiration.  Now to get busy !  Since I am supposed to kind of take it easy for the rest of the week, sewing is a perfect way to spend my time. 
I spent $27 for a total of 30 yards of fabric and its all good quality.  They had lots of "strange" fabrics today, but they also had some of just what I was looking for.
The turquoise fabric is a nice cotton, thin but nice, did the burn test on it when I got home to ensure it was cotton and the fine, very soft. mesh of the same color is a poly blend but it will bead well or maybe even be treated a bit like English Netting and embroidered.


Maria said...

I have always enjoyed this style...and it is style not fashion.

Some of the things are a bit too young for me, but they can be incorporated into each individual's lifestyle.

Thank you for sharing the link Patty. Enjoy your sewing while you rest.

Peace be with you,

mikesgirl said...

Ihope you show us your finished garments Patti ~ I too love that stow!

Ruth Ann said...

Can't wait to see tour new clothes! Your projects always inspire me!Ruth Ann

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