Friday, February 10, 2012

Sun Is Setting

Collard greens picked this afternoon from the garden and now steaming on the stove.  Potatoes baking.  The sun is setting in the west, pinks and corals, against a pale blue sky.  Chores are done.  Laundry still on the line, not quite dry yet.  The chickens got into the garden today and ate every last bit of my lettuce.  It will grow back but I  was not very happy to see them munching on what was supposed to be my salad tomorrow.   The ducks appeared to be laughing at the whole situation, as only ducks can.  
I am thankful for this part of the day, when the busy-ness of the day melts into an almost holy sort of peace and quiet.  Lamp light flickers.  The smell of wood smoke drifting through the door as Emery comes home after a busy day at work.   The windows at the front of the house are letting the shades of sunset fill the room.  Its the only light there right now and its lovely.  A sepia sort of color, tinged with pink.  I cannot help but be filled with gratitude for life.  For all the love that fills each nook and cranny of my being.  I am thankful for peace of mind, for the serenity of this moment in my day, where my thoughts overflow and tumble out onto this page.  It gives me a place to say what my heart contains.  Life is good.

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Maria said...

a most peaceful day :) Sorry about the chickens eating some of your I have problems with cats :(

be at peace Patty,


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