Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A Day in The Life of A City Homesteader

While the sun was still low on the horizon, Emery was out tilling the southwest garden spot.  Carefully he avoided the asparagus patch and worked around the area with the raised beds.  This is normally the garden that has potatoes, carrots and onions planted in it.  The soil is perfect for root veggies.   While he was out tilling, I was in the house making him a nice big breakfast.  Breakfast is a big meal here at our place.  Fuel for the day !  By 8 am, he was in the house, cleaned up and sitting at the table.  Tilling is a workout and good for the muscles and builds a big appetite.   By the time Emery leaves for work at 8:55 he has already put in a big day around here.  I stood on the porch and watched him hard at work.  A big smile across his face when he saw me standing there.  Love is good.  Flocks of birds flew over us, others sat solitary in the tree, singing the new day in.  Chickens hunting for bugs and seeds.  Ducks playing in their pool.   Its a good life.

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