Friday, October 01, 2010

Three Generations on The Trail

Yesterday three generations hit the trail. Melanie and I took the children hiking on the very same trail Emery and I so often took the children on. Mei-Ling found so many rocks she wanted that her little back pack was soon full of them but she didn't want anyone else to carry them for her. Little Yen was a happy little guy the whole trip, content to be carried in a pack looking out on the trail. He never fussed once the whole time.
We girls enjoyed a lunch of whole wheat tortillas spread with peanut butter and organic jelly. Yen is not quite ready for that meal yet. Mei-Ling polished off a whole half pint of raspberries that I brought along, all by herself and had a face to prove it.
What fun we had and on the way into the state park we had the honor of watching two does with a fawn grazing in the meadow. They allowed us to watch them from close by.


Ping said...

Mei-Ling is cute with her rasberry pout:> What a blessing to be walking through the trails again.

cheryl said...

What a joyful day that must have been and wonderful memories for years to come ! Your grandchildren are so sweet !

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