Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Day

Breakfast on the porch, birds singing, sun shinning on the trees and the wet morning grass. A bit of quiet before my day gets busy.
A little girl singing loudly on that same porch, fairy wings on her back. Her imagination an inspiration. Melanie resting on the couch, still recovering and what a blessing it is to be able to help her out. She is not able to lift the children yet so staying here with me while Casi works is best for her. I will keep her from doing too much, like most mothers will do. Yen, sleeping in the crib...serene. A small child sweetness.
Wood stove cleaned and ready to use when the first frost arrives. A winters worth of candles made and hanging from the peg board. Spiced soap curing, ready to be used for gifts when the holidays arrive. Knitting projects done for the Waldorf dolls that will be done in time for Christmas. Almost all the Shetland wool is spun up for when I have time to knit myself a sweater. Emery spent a morning not too long ago, collecting pine cones for me to have for crafts and for starting a fire in the stove.
The afternoon has flown by. It is now early evening and the sky is darkening as the sun bids me good-bye for the day.
Walking out to the garden for some herbs for tonight's supper, I stop my work for just a moment to breathe in the stillness of the moment. To soak in the wonder of dusk. The chickens have not gone to roost for the night, but are still scratching around for that one more bug to eat. I glance up to scan the tops of the black walnut and cottonwood trees, a Great Horned Owl has taken up residence in one of those trees each night for the past few days, on the hunt for a meal or two.
In the garden I notice my red cabbage is once again growing, no sign of "Peter Rabbit" in my garden. Could it be he has become victim of the cycle of nature ?
The candles glow in the window as I walk slowly towards the house. A gentle breeze blows at my back and the first star shines in the sky. I smile to myself that this simple life suits me just fine. No fancy clothes, no pedicures or manicures for me. No glossy magazines gracing my table to draw my thoughts away from what my needs are. I like it easy and simple and have no plans on changing that. Life is just too good just the way it is.


clairz said...

A beautiful day, a wonderful attitude. (The verification word for my comment is "grace." Very apt for this post).

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

What a lovely peaceful day. You and Emery has wisely made a life for yourselves which nourishes and heals yourselves and others. And how generously you share this. thanks!

gina said...

I love the "calmness" that comforts me when I visit your blog. This particularly stressful Monday work morning, I needed the calm and thank you for giving us this window into your life.

I would love to know more about your candle making and spiced soap! Sounds wonderful! I have made lye soap but didn't like the scent I used. Please tell me more!

Thanks again for the wonderful messages you offer. I'm still a rat running on the wheel, but one of these days.....

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