Saturday, October 02, 2010

Peaceful Contentment

I woke before the sun came over the horizon...Emery had been up for quite some time already and was heading out the door with his bike. A wonderfully cool morning, sweater weather except for the fact that the intense heat of summer is still fresh in our memories and the concept of being chilly is rather exciting. The heat wears on you, drains you. The newness of the cool mornings is invigorating, exciting even.
Hopping out of bed, my bare feet hitting a cool floor, a feeling that is not dismissed, but savored for a moment. I wash my face with homemade soap and smile thinking about the day I made it, and how good it feels to use something I know for a fact is pure and simple. Breakfast is wholesome and tasty, fresh cranberry bread, butter made from grass feed cows. Apple juice, unfiltered and so full of flavor. As soon as the food is gone, I am out the door, anxious to breathe the fall air. Feel the damp grass under my bare feet and see a sky now turned morning blue. The squirrels are chattering to one another from low limbs, birds are singing and faded, butterflies fly about slowly and with a degree of clumsiness from the cooler temperatures. Their wings worn looking but still so full of beauty.
Anxiously, I head out to the garden, I know baby plants will be poking out from the soil. Bigger plants standing tall in the row next to them.
Such an easy feeling to the day, as if a sprinkling of peace has covered all that is around me. My whole life feels that way actually. I feel as though I have had some kind of awakening, some kind of new awareness to all the joy that is to be had in the world. A feeling so full, that I don't need anything beyond what I have. I skipped across the yard like a child, thankful for the privacy we have that allows me to act outside the box of what is deemed acceptable for a woman my age.
I had my latest felted acorn hatted baby outside with me to take a photo of her. Asleep on her felted leaf, just finished last night, from wool purchased just yesterday. My face smiling as I put her in this tree or that tree to take pictures of her. I felt as though I was just playing like a child, only using the idea that I needed a photo of her as an excuse to cover up that I was indeed playing with this new toy for the grandchildren. Life is so full. So filled with beauty all around us just waiting to be discovered. We are blessed indeed to be alive.

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Andrea said...

We are near Boston and the mornings are indeed cool. I wake early 6:30 on Sunday to have that alone time before the family is busy. Thank you for this lovely post. It made me smile. Beautiful dolls.

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