Friday, October 08, 2010


Since Yen was in the hospital overnight, Mei-Ling stayed with us so both Casi and Melanie can be with the baby. Mei-Ling has been as good as gold for us and what joy it is to have a little one in the house again. This morning I heard a little voice calling me, wanting to get an early start on her day.
Last night was her first night here sleeping in her big girl bed and not her crib. She did fine and went to bed without any fuss.
This morning we had breakfast and then headed outside for some morning play time and how much this morning reminded me of the many mornings I had with my girls when they were that age. I missed out on times like that with the boys since they were older when we adopted them.
I found myself going back in time as we did chores, made the bed, set breakfast on the table and did the dishes after we were done eating. Children learn from modeling what we do. They develop habits that we foster, both good and bad. Lazy parents often have lazy children !
What joy it is to walk down this little path of memories this morning, remembering the wonder of childhood once again as I watched my child's child play.

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Janette said...

I am so glad Yen is better.
Playtime with my grandchild will be coming soon. I love his, "Nana, I'm up. Come and play!"

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