Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Chill In The Air...Makes Me Think About Our Thanksgiving Plans

Windows open, but there is a chill in the air. The crisp morning seeping into the house, making me pull the old wool shawl around my shoulders and reaching for some warm wool socks for my rather cold feet. I could just close the windows, but this cold feels good. Memories of our long hot summer are still fresh...perhaps I am trying to freeze them away !
This time of year has me planning Christmas gifts and checking out recipes for soups. I long form long evenings by the fire, knitting in hand while Emery and I talk and plan for the future.
Melanie and I were mulling over the idea that it might be fun to have our Thanksgiving meal outside this year, make it a bit more like the original one. The more I think about a long table spread with the traditional foods surrounded by pumpkins and colorful corn, the more I like the idea. It seems to me, the day would feel more real, more in touch with what the history of this day of feasting is all about.
I am the 10th Great grand-daughter of Francis Cooke who came over on the Mayflower and would love to have a deeper understanding of the magnitude of their thankfulness on that first Thanksgiving. Provided the weather co-operates, an outdoor meal, a very traditional one, will be the plan.
Its time for me to get busy and head out to the garden and do a bit of work. Gardens do not tend themselves.

Happy Weekend !


nocton4 said...

what lovely plans.
How I adore your header photo, I want to step right in and sit down at that very beautiful wheel that is very smiliar to my own.
Happy days to you

Julze said...

Enjoy your shorter days and all that brings! I'm enjoying Spring here in New Zealand...and seed raising for my garden. God bless!

Echoes From the Hill said...

Eating outside, weather permitting, is a lovely idea.
My family is going to Texas for Thanksgiving and I am hoping the weather will permit us to be outside a lot. I know the children will probably enjoy being outside, instead of in a dining room!

Anonymous said...

Funny, I'm descended from Francis Eaton (ggrandfather X 11) who was also present at that Thanksgiving.

Brings a new perspective on the event.

Rondi said...

That would be so cool (I don't mean that literally, at least as far as weather goes)!!! I can just imagine the pictures now =)

Glad Melanie is doing better too (I'm catching up with my blog reading tonight)...

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