Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Heritage Arts and my love of wool

There are many things in life that are on my list of favorites. Aside from family, I have an ever growing number of things on this list of mine. One of the things close to the top of the list is wool, wool roving to be exact. I have been a spinner for nearly 20 years now and my love of wool just keeps growing. We have kept sheep from time to time, along with angora goats and angora rabbits, all for the love of fiber !
Last week I was in need of some wool roving for needle felting along with some natural merino for doll making. All the grandbabies will be getting Waldorf style dolls for Christmas this year.
My need for wool sent me to a shop that I dearly love but don't visit all that often, probably because I tend to "want, want, want" when I am there. It's called Heritage Arts and is owned by the very people that taught me to spin so long ago. Actually one of the owners taught both my girls how to weave too. If you live in North Texas, love wool and yarn, or perhaps want to learn how to spin or weave, this is the place to go. Lorelei and Sue, the owners are so knowledgeable about all the fiber arts and are very helpful.
When fall arrives, my mind starts turning towards knitted projects and hours spent spinning wool by the fire.
Here is a bit of a cyber trip to the store. They have a web site but it looks like its having some revisions made to it at this time. Here is the address for the shop for anyone wanting to visit. They are open on Fridays and Saturdays.
Heritage Arts
(817) 866-2772
10740 C R 102
Grandview, TX 76050

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