Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sunday Hike

There are a few quiet moments in my day right now, which allows me to share some photos from the hike Emery and I took this past Sunday. It was just a five mile hike, so nothing momentous but so full of peace and that wonderful silence that falls upon an area that is far removed from the hustle and bustle of busy towns and busy roads. We had our lunch at our favorite spot on this trail, by a tiny meandering brook that branches off the river. Its deep in a canyon where wind always seems to travel in such a delightful way that you can watch it arrive and see it pass you by. The river was fine for crossing by way of rocks, only a few times did I need to get my hiking boot a bit wet, but my feet stayed dry. The weather was perfect, cool and cloudy at the start, but by hikes end, the sun was shining in a glorious blue sky. It was a day of wonderment, just the way we like it.
I took about 125 pictures on the trail but decided to just give you a small sampling : )
the trail is pretty easy for much of the hike
a very determined tree growing out of the canyon wall
lunch time
our favorite little creek
there is a faint blue line on the rocks showing that up those rocks is the trail !
lots of wonderful rock formations on this trail
the little bridge over a very deep gully
The Pulaxy River

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