Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Felted Friend

With all the rain we have had in the past two days, I have had plenty of time to be inside playing with felt. This morning I was looking at a big ball of natural color roving I had in a basket and thought that it really looked like owl colors to me. With a handful of wool roving this little fella began to take shape. As it is with needle felting, little creatures sort of take on a life of their own, the way the wool wants to go gives personality to the creation.
On my walk in the rain this morning I found a wonderful branch of black walnut on the ground that ended up being the perfect perch for this new wool friend. One thing led to another and soon there were acorns from this same roving and a little ball for the grandchildren to play with.
The little owl needs a name though. He seems a bit fond of looking out the window just like I do.
We have had at least a foot of rain in the last two days. We have seen flooding where in our 19 years of living here, we have never seen water.
Hermine has left her mark on Texas !


cheryl said...

What a great fall project ! I was telling my daughter about your fall table and she is doing one with her little boy . When I saw the little owl a name popped into my head , Hootie Who ... Is the picture taken by your new kitchen window ?

cheryl said...

What a great idea and I love these felted creations . I was telling my daughter about your fall table and she is doing one with her little boy . Was this picture taken by your new kitchen window ?

Teri said...

I love your owl and all the other felted items - darling! I've been seeing owls everywhere this season, and realize I just love them. Who knew? :) (I've been without internet since July and am SO looking forward to reading all the posts I've missed. It's getting chilly here in northern Arizona - perfect time to snuggle up with the Morning Ramble. Thanks, Patty!)

Anonymous said...

Those are so sweet. I wish I knew how to do felting, I would love some of those little creatures for my Fall decorating!

Grace & Peace

Patty said...

Mrs G, this was my first needle felting and I learned from watching the video on youtube that I posted. Its easy and fun.

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