Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our Sensitivities

We become conditioned to things quite easily it seems. Our sensitivities, can become hardened over time by just the simple act of viewing situations. We can watch immorality and violence on television and find ourselves dulled to the reality of such situations. We can even tune ourselves out to the complaints of a chronic complainer, which might be a good thing, that is until something really is wrong. Yes, the boy who cried wolf sort of thing.
The music we listen to might contain lyrics that are full of violence and hatred, or the television shows we see, contain view after view of blood and gore. It does dull us to the reality of the pain and suffering that is behind such things. We see folks on the screen who are having affairs after affair, yet what we don't see is the full gamete of the pain that follows. Such things always touch more than just two people, there is with certainty, a trickle down effect in real life, where parents, friends, children etc all suffer in some way.
What was considered immoral behavior in my parents generation, is standard stuff now. Cut throat mentality at work places. Non ethical behavior is quickly forgotten or laughed at, maybe even patted on the back for. Loyalty has been replaced by, "that's life" .
Friendliness has been replaced by an overwhelming fear that we are intruding.
I don't have a solution for this, except to avoid so much of the negative situations we are bombarded with by the media and to be aware of how influenced we are by attitudes and opinions of others that are often the very same people we would never consider like minded.
Perhaps we should all strive for a heart that is tender but wise. Pray for eyes that see kindness and virtue as far more entertaining than pain and suffering. Seek out the pure and good, without loosing sight that there is ugliness in the world, but with keeping it in the background, not the focus.


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

This is so true, unfortunately. I wish it were not. But we can protect ourselves, and even be part of the solution by not watching/being part of the change that we don't like, and being a model of the way we think things should be. Another great post, Patti!

Deanna said...

People are often amused by the fact that I refuse to watch scary movies. I hate to be afraid, even if it's just "make-believe" and I definitely don't want frightening images intruding on my dreams.

More recently, I've been giving serious thought to how best to handle the negative people in my life. I tend to be an emotional sponge and bad attitudes really bother me. I'm working on finding ways to avoid those folks but it's hard when some of them are relatives. ;)

Cherie said...

We are bombarded with all kinds of messages that we say we don't want and yet we continue to view them. This is one reason I'm about to cancel our satellite television subscription. There's very little to watch despite having thousands of "choices." Unlike Deanna, I don't mind some of the scary programs as I know they're not real. (But, in light of your post, maybe I should rethink these as well. It's the reality shows that I hear people discussing where immorality is encouraged!

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