Friday, September 10, 2010

Hermine Came for A Visit

Tropical Depression Hermine came for a visit to Texas, dumping record rainfalls, lots of flooding, and in Dallas, tornado's. The little run off beside our house became a roaring creek and across from Emery office, what is normally a little dry creek bed, became a raging river that overflowed its banks and turned the area into a pond. The run off was so heavy that the police actually had to shut down the four lane highway for a while that runs past Emery's office. Melanie and Casi had a leak in their roof around where the chimney is, nothing major but still it caused some minor damage to the ceiling in the living room.
In the next town over a life was lost from the storm, trying to cross high water. Twice we had tornado's in our area. Its always frightening to hear the sirens go off, but we were blessed that they didn't touch down near us. We are now back to hot and humid days for a while. But thankful to see the sun after all that rain. I am not sure of the total rainfall from Hermine, but in one 24 hour period, we had 8 inches fall.
We were hoping for some rain so we could turn the new garden spot one more time. Well, we got the rain, so this weekend we will get the garden turned again and do some fall planting.

Always nice to see a rainbow, but this one was especially good to see
We never like seeing "fingers" reaching out from a cloud
The flooding across from Emery's office, normally a road and parking area.
The run off next to our house, that became a fast moving creek

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Morning's Minion said...

This looks like the heavy rains and flash floods which closed our back road for a few hours in May. Lives were lost in just such a flooding over 100 years ago in Gradyville and "The Gradyville Flood" is stil mentioned here in solemn tones.
I'm glad you are all safe.

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