Sunday, September 12, 2010

Half of The Grand-blessings

Melanie came over the other day with both the children for a visit. I had finished needle felting a pumpkin for them to play with and had found a little shoe box that was just the right size to hold all the wonderful things Mei-Ling had found a few days before when she was out playing by the goat pasture and her red bird whistle. Going on a search for treasures sort of kept her mind off the fact that the goats are now gone to another home. Of course she still had fun feeding the chickens their grain and running after them to pet them. How I love the wonder on little faces as they discover the beauty in a leaf, an acorn or a feather ! Pure and peaceful delight.
Yen will be toddling after us in no time at all. He is now 8 months old. How time flies.


OneOldGoat said...

Just last night I was looking through your posts and saw that you became a grandma again!!! Congratulations on your granddaughter, Victoria! I love the photos of all - you have lovely grandchildren

Beth aka oneoldgoat

Janette said...

I totally missed that the goats are gone. That must be both a relief and a blessing.
I so wish our grandson lived close enough to hold!

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