Friday, September 17, 2010

The Gift of Beauty

The air is a bit cooler, maybe even a hint of fall crispiness was felt this morning, or perhaps I am just being hopeful. The sky, nothing less than a heavenly blue, with tiny tiny puffs of white thin clouds off in the west. The sunshine warm and friendly, natures warm morning hug to my shoulders. The sky above me busy with darting dragonflys and buzzing hummingbirds, darting from the trumpet vines to the morning glories, feasting on their nectars.
In the distance the noise of a lawn mower with the faint scent of freshly mown grass blowing towards me.
These last days of summer are filled with transition. Acorns growing in the oak trees, leaves loosing some of that bright summer green and becoming tinged with browns and yellows. The rose bushes coming back to life after the hot searing days of summer. The garden plowed and planted. Pecans and black walnuts darkening on the trees, ready just in time for Thanksgiving cooking. Velvet pods dangling like Christmas ornaments from the wisteria vines. This is a wonderful time of year, nature giving us its last hurrah before the time of slumber in winter.
I see the hand of God in all that I see during these little walks each morning. Strengthening my faith and my resolve to worship Him more fully. The delicate beauty of the morning glory, chasing away any doubts cast by modern teachings that bombard us daily. His masterful Hand creating for us, evidence that His love goes far beyond just care, but it shows His desire to show us beauty by the strength and fragile nature of His creation. We as mothers should mirror this aspect of His love and desire to have a home that is beautiful in more than just the decorations, but by the fibers of love that are woven into each word and deed towards our loved ones. That we show our children and spouse with beauty that cannot be purchased from a jar or a clothes rack, that our love is far reaching and deep.


window into our life of love, joy, and adventures! said...

You write such beautiful posts! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of beauty and for the inspiring words too!

Patty said...

thank you Sandi : )

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