Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Unhappy Kids

Last night Emery and I spent a good hour rounding up the kids to separate them from their mothers. They are fast runners ! It's time. They are getting too big to nurse and all of them are eating grain and hay just fine. The mother goats kept pushing the kids away, even running from them at times. We decided to separate them last night after watching them for a bit. The kids were not happy about it, but the momma goats were thrilled. Since the kids have been on their mothers, they are not particularly tame compared to bottle fed babies so this separation will also give me better opportunity to tame the kids a bit, they will know me as the person that feeds them and that creates a bond. So, this was also is the first day of having to milk twice a day, which I don't mind but it does take some discipline to get up earlier to get the milking done.
It was hot in the barn even before the sun was up. This is going to be a hot, dry summer if our weather now is any indication.
The cats were happy to have milk again so it looks like the kids are the only unhappy ones in the barnyard this morning !
Looks like the farm girl is back in business....just can't turn a homestead woman into a chic city girl for very long.

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Nancy said...

Wondering how you keep the weeds under control in your garden? We are new to gardening this year and the weeds are getting ahead of us with so much rain and too wet to work in the garden.

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