Monday, June 14, 2010

The Sweetest Things In Life

Last night when the house was quiet, I sat in my wooden rocker and rocked Mei-Ling to sleep. She spent the night at Grammie and Grampie's house but didn't want to miss anything so the thought of going to bed was not exciting to her. I had her climb up into my lap, wrapped her up in the old gray woolen shawl I had crocheted so many years ago and rocked my grandchild and told her about how angels watch over her and patted her sweet head. I told her how I had done the very same thing with her mother when she was a little girl and how much I love her. She hugged me tight and said she loved me so much. All the finest things in the world would never give me even a tiny bit of the kind of joy I felt rocking this child of my child. Grandchildren are indeed a reward, a blessing beyond blessings. This morning when she woke, she called to me and was all smiles, ready for a new day. Melanie had a dentist appointment early this morning so she came over with Yen for me to watch too and again my heart was filled with such joy when I picked him up in my arms, all sweet smelling and full of baby grins. I asked him if he was Grammies baby boy and he giggled out loud and his entire face was a smile. These are the sweetest things in life. Moments of love, moments that have nothing to do with where you live or what you drive. No money needed in the bank required for such moments. Just love.
I thought as I held Yen in one arm and Mei-Ling came up next to me for a snuggle, that I am so blessed to have so many years of children in my life.
All the shopping I have been doing lately has been work compared to sitting in a rocker, in the late hours of the night, child held close to me, wrapped in the same shawl that has wrapped up her mother and her aunt when they needed to be snuggled or comforted. Tiny hands patting my arm, a little voice like an angels, telling me I am loved. This is what the sweetness of life is all about.
And this morning, I watched Mei-Ling play with my doll, rocking her in that same big rocking chair I held her in last night and I heard her tell her "baby" that she loved her and she sang her a little made up song that was one of the sweetest sounds of the day.


Holly C. said...

Your grandchildren are darling!

Janette said...

Could you say a prayer this week. There is a good chance my son in law will be offered a position in a city only three hours from us! That would be a blessing!!!
God may hear my plee to have the grandbaby closer.

aimee said...

Beautiful post!

Patty said...

am saying a prayer Janette

Every single night before I go to sleep and every morning before I hop out of bed, the same prayer in on my lips.  Of course I pray for m...