Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Simple

Walking out to the barn this morning, my thoughts were on what really brings me joy. Real joy, not the temporary sort of thrill you get from buying something new or going on vacation, but the kind you feel that stays with you, helps you sleep soundly at night. The kind of inner peace that fills you with something hard to describe but yet it seems to spill out from you and erase some of the stress the world seems to push onto us.
Last night Steven and Priscilla stopped by for a visit and since Mei-Ling had been over for a visit, we kept her longer so she could play with Elizabeth. Watching those two darling girls play side by side gave me joy. Oh yes, they are at that age where whatever one has the other one wants, but still, watching them dance about the room with all that energy and hear their little voices chatter back and forth, its pure delight. It stays with you. And those little girl hugs and kisses just for me as they head to their own homes, that is priceless.
Wee little Yen, whose face lights up when I talk to him and whose entire face becomes a smile when I play patty cake with him, gives so much of that wonderful sense of joy to me. His little arms reaching for me warms my heart ! And in a couple more months, another blessing will arrive.
My own children, yes, now all grown and married bring such joy to Emery and I. The phone calls, the visits, all the things Melanie and I get to do together. Watching Emery and Steven talk shop or help each other out in some way or another. The closeness of our family is a blessing beyond words. I daily count my blessings that all of the children are good people. Contributing the the positive aspect of society.
This life we have carved out for ourselves is also one that gives great joy to us. Simple, uncomplicated aspects of life that draws us out into the great wonders of creation each and every day. Working in the soil, hearing the wind in the trees, knowing which bird is singing, or knowing what certain clouds tell us about the upcoming weather. Not having to worry about how to live if the storm causes the electricity to go out. We go on just fine without it. Finding delight in the handiwork of God that He made just to delight our souls. It is the simple and free things in life that bring the deepest most profound joys.

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Anonymous said...

I love your photos :) and your words are very inspiring. Thank you.

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