Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day For Us

We woke with the sun and headed off to get chores done and then embark on a day made of all the things Emery enjoys the most. Giving him a real Fathers day. After a light breakfast we headed off to our favorite hiking trails. If we were going to get any hiking done, it had to be early since they were predicting triple digit temps for the day. We hiked to the highest spot on our first trail and sat in the morning wind, watching the birds fly over us and see Cedar Lake sparkle in the sunshine. This one trail we like so well, is a workout, all uphill with such a gradual decline on the other side of the hill that you never feel a bit like you are walking down hill. Then once again, its all uphill to the car. We decided to do just half that trail, then head off to another State Park about 20 miles away that runs along a river, we could cool off in the water if we get too hot.
By 1 p.m. we were done hiking. It was just too hot to do any more hiking.
Grabbed a quick lunch at Taco Bell and headed home for a nap. We "slept like Christians" as they often say of sound sleep, so sound in fact, that we never heard Steven knocking at the door. He ended up leaving a card and gift for Emery in the door. Steven and his family had made other plans and were not going to be able to join the rest of us at our favourite Chinese restaurant for supper. Emery and I woke up just in time to head out the door for our family gathering.
The children gave their father gifts full of sentiment and careful thought. A photo book that Melissa had made that contained as Emery said, " a million wonderful memories on each page".
Melanie gave her father a movie he adores but its a foreign film and nearly impossible to find and tennis balls for our renewed love of the game. Steven gave a gift that allows Emery to shop.
The day would have been perfect for Emery had Steven and his family and Melissa and James been with us.
Emery is a wonderful father. Kind, gentle, patient, listening, and best of all, the kind of father whose example is always a good one. He is the kind of Father that is a sermon by his deeds.
I gave Emery a watch, a nice watch. He needed one and I have wanted to give him one for over 30 years that would match the kind of gift my engagement watch was. We didn't do jewelry in those days and I hardly do now, so a watch was the typical engagement gift and of course it was a beautiful one !
Life is good, it really is


debi said...

You and Emery are such a wonderful couple. I enjoy all the things you share with us. It sure sounds as if your children love and honor their father. You must be so proud.

穆靜如 said...
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Michelle said...

I love the photo of the leaf in the moving water - so refreshing on a hot, summer day!

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