Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A BIG Correction !!!

A good friend pointed out a big typo on my post regarding "The Simple" I wrote that none of my children were good people, when it should have read they are all GOOD people !
I am sure hoping they didn't read it before I corrected it. Some days my mind is faster than my typing and I am already on a new thought, before I get the last one typed out : (
Just to clarify, it was not a Freudian slip either.

This afternoon, I have been busy cutting out a felt book for the grands to play with when they are visiting. I spent many an hour cutting out felts for my own children when they were small, and these little books were such a blessing during the church services. They would sit quietly playing with their felt books. All were nature or Bible stories and such a special treat for them to play with as they were only played with during church time.


Yvonne said...

Ha.....I read that post and didn't notice your mistake. Knew that you were saying they were good people. That always comes through loud and clear....the love and admiration shines through. :)

cozythyme said...

Patty, Do you have a number for the pattern you use for your felt books. Think that is a wonderful idea to use the Bible story animals. Would like to make my granddaughter one. Nancy

Patty said...

Hi Nancy,
you can find all of the books at

I am putting the link on the blog so you can just click it to get there

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