Monday, June 28, 2010

Not Enough Hours in My Day

I remember going to a seminar by that name many years ago and for me at that time in my life, the phrase had more to do with getting many things that needed to be done, done in one day. Now it seems that phrase has more to do with how fast time seems to pass by.
A weeks seems to only last a couple days ! Hard to imagine but our little Yen is nearly 6 months old and the newest addition to the family will be arriving in just about two months.
It was a fun weekend here for us. I made several batches of ice cream from our goats milk.
One flavor was extremely simple to make, just milk and maple syrup, combined and frozen in our Donvier ice cream maker. I also made fresh strawberry and a batch of Carob this morning. What a fun way to use our extra goat milk ! Next week I hope to get a few batches of cheese made.
This afternoon the sky opened up and some well needed rain fell. For a bit the sun came out which gave Mei-Ling and I opportunity to search for a rainbow. She was over for a little visit with Grammie today and what fun we had. I wish all my grandchildren lived so close by !
Each day I thank God for the blessing of another generation to love and be a part of.

Here are a few photos from the past few is wondrous, at any age.
Faith appears to have a bad attitude !
making ice cream
Mommies rocking their babies...Mei-Ling loves to play with my doll that I had as a little girl
Sunset last week
Its so dry that the roses were drying on the bush

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