Monday, May 10, 2010

Not much time for the computer lately

I have not vanished off the face of the earth, just not much computer time. I have been a lady of leisure for the past week, which has its good points and its bad points, since I like to be on the go.
Today though I did go pick some carrots and beans in the garden and manage to get a few photos. Its refreshing to my soul to see flowers in bloom, goats playing and watch young birds being fed by their parents.
I had a wonderful Mothers Day yesterday. Emery took me to a local nursery that specializes in English Garden plants and he bought me daisies, foxglove and a David Austin Rose, called Graham Thomas, which fits in my rose garden beautifully. Melanie and Casi took Emery and I out for supper at my favorite Chinese restaurant and after we ate, Mei wanted to come home to Mimi and Papa's house which we enjoyed of course. Steven stopped by with a bouquet of flowers and a card on his way into town shopping. I am expecting something in the mail today from Vermont ! Life is good when its surrounded by love.

Roses along the pasture fence
A male Cardinal feeding his son
the baby cardinal hiding in the tree
carrots and green beans just picked
baby goats
foxglove in bloom


Julze said...
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Morning's Minion said...

When you're not blogging for a few days I wonder if the grand children are OK.
Not that your hurt knee isn't important!
I've been trying to get photos of the cardinals nesting in an un-named shrub just ouside the dining room glass door. I haven't gotten a good photo yet--I did manage to get a tick on my head.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Oh, Patty, I'm sorry about your knee. But the RICE will help. Graham Thomas is a beautiful rose and you grow lovely roses....Your cardinals look a little different than our Ohio ones. Is that a strip I see on the head of the male? And does he have a crest? Lovely photographs!

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