Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bursitis of the Knee

In the old days they called it housemaids knee and I am calling it my "gardeners knee". Its painful to be sure but with what seemed like a gigantic shot of cortisone, I should be on the mend rather quickly.
Emery has been faithful in doing my chores and today, Melanie drove me to town to pick up some medicine and she made me get in one of those motorized wheelchair things they have at the stores. I felt pretty old ! Casi went to the feed store today and picked up a truck load of hay for me which made me count my blessings that I have such loving and kind children.
I suspect for the next few days I will be doing hand work in the house and not much else. I snuck out to the laundry room and did a load of wash and hung it up since there is rain in the forecast for the next several days. The air is soft and full of humidity, with a gentle breeze which somehow translates into natures fabric softener.
I already miss working in the garden and sitting on the stanchion milking the goats. Maybe in a few days I will feel like hobbling out to the barn to sit on the stack of hay and watch the kids at play.
There are times and seasons in life and right now, for me, it is the season of sitting.


Lib said...

Hope You feel better soon!

Carole said...

Well, I'm glad it's something that will be mended soon. Sitting for a few days will make you enjoy garden work even more when you get to do it again ! Here we are stuck at home as well, it's continuously pouring rain... and when it's not, the soil is too damp. There should be 2 rainless days at least, but Mother Nature doesn't seem to want it that way ! Well at least I won't have to water my plants for a while ;-)

Jan said...

OH Patty,
I feel your pain. I have been 13 month sitting in a chair because the doctors could not diagnose my respiratory illness. Thankfully they figured it out and over three weeks I have greatly. I read your blog every day and know how hard it is for you to sit still.
Those shots work. Hang in there.

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