Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Carrot Picking Day

Mei-Ling was over for a visit and helped me with chores this morning, including carrot picking.
I watched as she wandered about in her wee lavender boots, talking to the goats, picking mint leaves, helping in the garden, playing in the dirt, hugging the cat, gathering eggs in the hen house and just exploring the big world around and uninhibited. It's how I feel too, free to explore all that is in my simple little world that never needs to be big and expansive for me. I am sitting here at the computer, smelling the wonderful scent of mint tea brewing in the kitchen, made with mint just picked 10 minutes ago. A pile of warm biscuits sit on a plate on the table, tiny hands flattened the dough and cut them out, placing them with care on the baking sheet. "Let me try, Mimi" and I did.
This is the life I love, simple, at home, content and full of awe for the wonders of creation all around me. And best of all, stress free.


aimee said...
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Andrea said...

Beautiful post. We have similar pictures of my son pulling carrots with his grandpa. Except they are a dozen years old. My son is now 14 and taller than me. I miss those sweet days. Thanks for the memory.

Teri said...

Hope all is well!

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