Thursday, May 13, 2010

25 Things I Really Care About

This is a list of things that I really care about, core things, regardless of what other people think. Think about the people in your life that influence you to act differently than how you feel deep inside, and how you would act if they were not in your life. Its eye opening to realize that some folks just push us to act a certain way. We all do it, even if we say we don't care one bit what others think. These are things I care deeply about but still, they can sometimes get pushed and shoved into the background from time to time, but are never far from the basic me.

1. My husband, children and grandchildren
2. Herbal Medicine
3. Simple living
4. Growing my own food
5. Spiritual Growth which to me has nothing to do with religion
6. Stepping Lightly on this earth
7. Tai Chi
8. Hiking
9. Natural fibers
10. Raising children to care about others
11. Seeking to live compassionately
12. Spinning wool
13. Healthy shoes
14. Health care reform
15. Separation between church and state
16. having books and not just computer versions of books
17. conservation
18. growing flowers for the beauty of them
19. Meditation
20. organic food
21. less chemicals in our lives
22. learning poetry
23. learning about other cultures
24. running
25. freedom

whats your core list like ? I am renewed in my commitment to stay true to my list


Pen and Paperie said...

This is a wonderful list - you seem like a fascinating person. Your number sixteen (books - physical books) will be in my list too!!

Beth said...

Patti, I've been lurking for a while. This inspired me to make my own list. I linked back to this post. If that's not o.k., please let me know and I'll remove it posthaste! Thanks for writing so honestly.

Patty said...

Beth, that is fine to link back to this post, I consider it a compliment : )

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

A fascinating list, and now I have to try to make my own....We are interested in many of the same things, but I think everyone's list will be individual.

One of my favorite garden writers, Christopher Lloyd, once wrote that the trick is to know what you really like and make sure you have plenty of it. Alas, I am almost too good at this, and am now engaged in "blessing other people with my stuff" as my daughter Em calls it!

Every single night before I go to sleep and every morning before I hop out of bed, the same prayer in on my lips.  Of course I pray for m...