Sunday, May 02, 2010

Homestead Life In Spring

Springtime on the homestead is a busy time but also one of the prettiest times. Each and every day I am able to wander outside and enjoy the flowers we have planted and the gorgeous roses that are in full bloom right now. No less than three times this week I have picked huge bouquets that fill the rooms with that sweet scent that is so easily recognized. I love floribundas, old roses, English roses, the kind that are perfumy and have big full flowers. Of course I have some tea roses too, but the old roses will to me always be the best of the bunch.
Our driveway is lined with rose bushes and lilies an old fashioned sort of welcoming and there are iris and yarrow. Mint and Rosemary mixed in with the flowers to add scent and that deep green.
In spring, the vegetable garden delights us with fresh goodies, so welcome after the long winter. Once again the goats give us fresh milk and the chickens give eggs with such bright yolks that stand so tall from all the greens they eat each day. The fruit trees are all loaded down with young fruit and the grape vines have tiny bunches of grapes sprouting out all over them. Its such a time of promise.
Meadow tea once again fills our glasses and asparagus sits on our dinner plates each and every night, we never get tired of eating it. So often I eat it raw, just after picking it. Tender and so full of flavor.
With all the work that has to be done in spring, the gardening, the care of new baby animals etc, having good fresh food from the garden is what gives us strength and energy to keep up.
I sometimes wonder if I would enjoy having no chores, no hard work but then I think of the rewards, of the good feeling that you get after working hard enough to break a sweat and I know we live just that life we love. Choices made long ago have paid off big time.
No debts, no stress from trying to keep up with the Jones', no need to try to impress people, and the joy of sleeping good every night and understanding what really counts in life.

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