Friday, May 14, 2010

25 Things That Make Me Smile

On a lighter level, here is my list of 25 things that make me smile or give me joy simply because they are beautiful to me

1. My husband and family
2. Roses
3. Beautiful linens
4. Taking afternoon tea
5. Beautiful Art
6. Flower gardens
7. Fluffy clouds
8. English Prams
9. Baby clothes on the clothesline
10. The smell of baking bread
11. Good chocolate
12. Veuve clicquot champagne
13. Holding Emery's hand
14. Bed linens just off the line
15. Beautiful table settings
16. Baroque music
17. Lilacs
18. Lace curtains dancing in the wind
19. Birds at my feeders
20. Hats (this should be much higher up on the list)
21. Ladies gloves
22. Tackling complicated recipes with profound success
23. Gazing across the table at Emery and still feeling butterflies in my stomach
24. Heirloom baby clothes
25. Going barefooted in soft green grass


Jan said...

I don't see goats on that list.
I'm getting mine today!

Patty said...

what kind of goats are you getting Jan ? I think maybe I should make a list of 25 animals that I like : )

kykathy said...

Patty, we must be quite a bit alike! Even tho our lives are different, most of the things on your list would show up on mine! Lilacs, heirloom baby clothing, linens,line dried bedding and clothing, and more....all things I love!

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