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An Icy Walk

Before breakfast, Emery and I were walking the land across the road from us.  Delighted in the delicate touch of a light icing during the night.   Cold winds kept our little hike a brisk one.  Wandering the 40 acres filled us with awe at the beauty of nature.   Needless to say, we were happy to sit down to a nice hot breakfast after we got home.  Big bowls of "Bear Mush" and some toast from the bread I made yesterday.  Hot chocolate in Emery's cup, coffee in mine.   A great start to a delightful day.

Wintry Weather

A very blustery day here in North Texas.  Cold winds blowing, temperatures hanging just below freezing.  The threat of an ice storm.   Work to be done.  
A white winged dove, fluffs its feathers to stay warm by the feeders.  Emery, busy cutting wood to be stacked in the woodshed for next year.  The sky looks cold and makes me shiver when I look at it.  Reminds me of my childhood, when my most accurate weather forecasting came when I saw that the sky was the same color of Mr Gould's roof across the street from us, when the sky and the roof matched, it was a sure sign that it was going to snow.  Today, the sky is the color of Mr Gould's roof !  Amish White bread raising next to the wood stove.  Wood outside the window filling my head with plans.  That nice round piece sure would make a nice bowl !

A Very Special Project

This is a project that some kind folks have started for Mei-Ling and I thought I would share it here.  It is a dream of Mei-Lings to go to Disney World and put all the medical stuff behind her for just a few days.
click the link below for more information

A Whole New World Project: The Castle 

Awaits Princess Mei -

Winter Has Arrived Early

For us, it never got above 31 F (0.5C ) today and the north wind is making it feel about 19 F.  The wood stove has been busy all day.   While Mei-Ling was having her procedure done, Yen played happily by the stove all day long.  Not once did he ask to go outside.  The cold rain turning to sleet from time to time made him happy to stay inside.   Mei-Ling did great and the Doctors were happy with what they saw, so your prayers were heard and answered.  The garden took a hit with the last freeze and the more tender plants, which we planted knowing it was a gamble, have suffered.  The collards, broccoli and kale are fine and will be even though we are supposed to have a very cold, icy weekend.  

Prayers for Mei-Ling

Would love some prayers for our sweet Mei-Ling as she has a very invasive procedure done tomorrow morning.   She will have to be sedated with general anesthesia.  She has been nervous all week about this.

Goose Attack

This morning when I was out taking pictures in the fog, I happened to have a bit of a coughing spell, (I am getting over bronchitis).  Well, evidently, the goose was offended, took my cough as a bit of a threat and she lowered her head, extended her neck until it looked about a foot long and came right for me, got a nip at my thigh, and then, the farm girl on me kicked in and I grabbed that goose by the neck and "helped" her move a few feet from me.  In that moment, I had visions of Christmas dinner !   She and her gander companion decided to leave me alone and ran off in the opposite direction.   The moral of this story, don't mess with a farm gal, as we can take care of the situation without batting an eyelid.   No one was hurt, and all ended well and no, there will not be a goose on our table this Christmas !  I did manage to catch a picture of this goose giving me a less than friendly look.

The Blessing of Wood

We have a lot of work ahead of us, getting this wood split and stacked in the wood shed.  But the most exciting of all is what we have planned for that rather LARGE log in the top picture.  I can hardly wait to get working on theKubbestol.  It will be a long and involved project, and if we set about carving it heavily, then it may take a couple years !    I have found a few other big pieces in the pile that would make a nice table top.  Not only will the house be warmed by this wood, we will also get to enjoy its beauty for many years to come.

Saying Good-Bye To A Tree

No sooner had I come in from taking pictures of the fall colors yesterday, when I heard a bunch of men talking next door at the little shop.  I saw tree service trucks parked out front and knew then what was to take place.  The old Black Walnut tree was coming down.  It was dying and becoming a hazard.  The owner of the shop knew we wanted the wood so the tree men are stacking it nicely along our fence line.   One of the bigger pieces we hope to make into a Norwegian style tree trunk chair.  The tree men have been kind enough to cut me just the right piece for that.   I am going to miss hearing the Great Horned Owl, hoot hoot from the tree each night and the squirrels are certainly going to have to find another route for travel into our yard, but on the positive side, Black Walnut trees are said to have chemicals surround them that makes it difficult to grow a garden near by and ours is pretty close and it does appear to be a truth, as nothing much grows closest to the fence line.   W…

Morning Ramble

This morning, the sun was shining, the sky was changing from gray to blue, and the colors of fall were vibrant.  Now, saying that is really something, coming from this New England gal.  I grew up seeing the colors of fall as few other places in the world get to see.  Here in Texas, we most often see, dead brown, not orange, yellow and red, but, there has been a early frost and it has been a gift.  I had fun rambling around the place, never far from the house, but still, so much to see, to experience, to behold.  Colors, sounds, smells, birds flying over head and little critters, busy gathering food.   I felt so blessed to have the time to wander, to stop and look deeply at mushrooms or berries.  To stand quietly, watching a red bellied woodpecker just above me in the walnut tree and to gaze upon a pair of red shouldered hawks soaring high above me.  I had time to whisper a prayer and thank God for thinking of so many wonderful things for us to enjoy.  Life is good, it really is.   Tom…

Morning Peace

My Favorite Time Of The Day

The darkness has been replaced by morning light, the chores are done, the fire is blazing in the stove, fresh brewed coffee beside me, Bible in my hand, a prayer on my lips for the new day. Its my quiet time.  Emery has gone to work, the house is silent, except for the occasional popping of the stove.  Birds at the feeder right outside the window.  Lamplight still glowing...I let it burn beyond its time of need, simply because it seems so warm and inviting burning in the window.   I have time to think, to dream, to pray.  I have time to count my blessings, one by one.  I move my chair just a bit closer to the stove, my feet are cold and the warm bricks of the hearth, feel good.  I am thankful for the wood stove, it connects me to the past in a way and gives me a sense of independence from having to use the conventional kind of heat.  I am not conventional, I am old fashioned, often saying I was born in the wrong time period, except I love my cell phone and my computer.  I would be hap…

A Chill In The Air

The cold north wind blew in in the early morning hours.  Thankful to my husband for getting wood stacked on the porch for each day.   Its a good feeling to have the wood shed full to the ceiling and know that we are set for the winter.  When you heat with wood only, its pretty important to be ready for winter !  
This morning, despite the chilly temp, we still sat on the porch and ate breakfast.  Dressed in our coats, laughing at ourselves for our love of the outdoor world.  A huge black vulture did a fly by, coming close enough to us, that we saw clearly his claws and serious eyes.  If we had been inside, we would have missed this, up close and personal encounter ! 
Despite the cold wind, its laundry day, so the bed linens are dancing around on the line, softened by the wind, and will bring the scent of the fresh air into our room tonight.   We will crawl into bed, sink down into the feather bed, and be covered with more down.  Perfect for sleep.  I suspect I will keep the window open …

Simple Faith

Somewhere along the way, I got tired of complicated living, or perhaps I never liked it in the first place.   I like keeping things simple, which includes how I dress, how I fix my hair, not bothering with make-up or jewelry, how my house looks, how I eat, who I love and how I choose to worship God.  I guess,  I like things real, honest and the "what you see, is what you get" sort of mentality.  Recently I was talking to someone about how I personally and I am not talking about anyone other than myself here, that I could not in good conscience, dye my hair or have stuff done to my face in order to look younger than I am.  All I can imagine, is that expression you see on some mans face when he cat calls to a woman walking away from him.  Cute body, hair the color of a sweet young thing, and then she turns around and she is old enough to be his mother.   He was tricked.  Sure it was his call, he didn't have to do that, but not a woman alive, if given a lie detector test, w…

Morning Walk

There is never a reason to be bored when you can walk among the beauties of nature.  This mornings walk around our property yielded up some very pretty sights.  I smiled a lot when I went to see whats been going on at the Secret Hiding place, created by Mei-Ling and Yen.  It appears some chicken and duck feathers have been planted !