Friday, November 22, 2013

Winter Has Arrived Early

For us, it never got above 31 F (0.5C ) today and the north wind is making it feel about 19 F.  The wood stove has been busy all day.   While Mei-Ling was having her procedure done, Yen played happily by the stove all day long.  Not once did he ask to go outside.  The cold rain turning to sleet from time to time made him happy to stay inside.   Mei-Ling did great and the Doctors were happy with what they saw, so your prayers were heard and answered.  The garden took a hit with the last freeze and the more tender plants, which we planted knowing it was a gamble, have suffered.  The collards, broccoli and kale are fine and will be even though we are supposed to have a very cold, icy weekend.  

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