Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Some Catching Up To Do

I suspect hospitals and doctors office are some of the most germ laden places, other than gas pump handles and of course the seats and handles of most shopping carts.  I have managed to experience all of these things in the last little while.  Melanie in the hospital and Mei-Ling had croup and had to go the doctors while I was watching her during Melanie's hospital stay.  Just so you all know, I keep hand sanitizer with me at all times and use it, but I suspect there are moments when a germ passed by the hands and lands on me by way of a cough or sneeze.  Such an event must have taken place since I have been pretty sick for the last week.  Yesterday under the watchful eye of my darling husband, he took me to the doctors office.  I was willing since I had been miserable for days, but it felt more like a lifetime.  A nasty case of Bronchitis.   Today is the first day I actually feel like there is a glimmer of hope that I may actually feel well in a couple of days.   There have been days in the past week when I did not even pick up my knitting needles !!!  That along worried Emery more than my coughing, for that is a sign that something is very wrong.    Melanie caught this virus from either me or Yen,(who only felt bad for one day).Both are here with me today, with no one being sure of who is the caretaker.  Yen is doing fine, wearing proudly his new Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer nose I gave him, its battery operated and lights up just like the real Rudolf's nose.    I have been knitting this morning, working on the Tomten Jacket for Yen.  I love making the Tomten sweater. Such a fun knitting project and easy peasy to make.   Oh, I did finish another project this week, will post pictures in a bit.

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