Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Morning Ramble

This morning, the sun was shining, the sky was changing from gray to blue, and the colors of fall were vibrant.  Now, saying that is really something, coming from this New England gal.  I grew up seeing the colors of fall as few other places in the world get to see.  Here in Texas, we most often see, dead brown, not orange, yellow and red, but, there has been a early frost and it has been a gift.  I had fun rambling around the place, never far from the house, but still, so much to see, to experience, to behold.  Colors, sounds, smells, birds flying over head and little critters, busy gathering food.   I felt so blessed to have the time to wander, to stop and look deeply at mushrooms or berries.  To stand quietly, watching a red bellied woodpecker just above me in the walnut tree and to gaze upon a pair of red shouldered hawks soaring high above me.  I had time to whisper a prayer and thank God for thinking of so many wonderful things for us to enjoy.  Life is good, it really is.   Tomorrow, I will fill you in with the dramatic change to my morning, nothing bad though.

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