Thursday, November 21, 2013

Goose Attack

This morning when I was out taking pictures in the fog, I happened to have a bit of a coughing spell, (I am getting over bronchitis).  Well, evidently, the goose was offended, took my cough as a bit of a threat and she lowered her head, extended her neck until it looked about a foot long and came right for me, got a nip at my thigh, and then, the farm girl on me kicked in and I grabbed that goose by the neck and "helped" her move a few feet from me.  In that moment, I had visions of Christmas dinner !   She and her gander companion decided to leave me alone and ran off in the opposite direction.   The moral of this story, don't mess with a farm gal, as we can take care of the situation without batting an eyelid.   No one was hurt, and all ended well and no, there will not be a goose on our table this Christmas !  I did manage to catch a picture of this goose giving me a less than friendly look.

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Morning's Minion said...

The dispositions of geese are easily riled!

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