Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Jul i Blåfjell. . . Turte

Every December, starting with the first of the month and then every day after that until Christmas, we watch an episode of the this series..   Its a story about the  Nisser at Blue Mountain at Christmas time.   I wanted to make a doll for the children like the main character in the story, Turte.  Last year I purchased a doll at the dollar store and have slowly transforming the doll into Turte.  The doll had blond hair, so that meant making her some new hair, first coloring the blond hair into red under her new hair.  Then the fun of knitting her a sweater, hat, mittens and scarf.  I made her pants and shoes out of wool felt.  Finally, I am satisfied with the results.

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Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

The Nisse is darling! I am so sorry you have been sick and Melanie and Yen! May you all be well and quickly! And no one else become ill.

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