The Pleasure of Weeding The Garden

Morning sunshine.  Brisk fall temperatures.  Dew sparkling on the grass, showing clearly all the adventures the ducks have made this morning.  Angel Trumpets blossoming, Weeds to be plucked from the damp soil. We often muse that weeds are simply misplaced flowers and plants.  An "eye" on the Burr Oak, watching us work.  Side by side we spend the day, working together to weed the garden.  The rains have made the plants grow fast but the weeds have grown faster.  The work completed and the sun sinks in the sky.  Dirt under our nails, our backs informing us that we are no longer 30 year olds.  A warm meal and a long chat on the porch about the days doings.  Much to be thankful for.  Pleasure found in this simple life of ours.  We love being so connected to the cycles of the seasons and in living an uncomplicated life.


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