Friday, October 11, 2013

Going Slowly Through The Day

Its a gray day, heavy low clouds reaching to the ground it seems.  The air is heavy, rain on the way.  As soon as breakfast is done, I am cooking for the rest of the day, giving me the afternoon off shall we say.  Apple Cider Whole Wheat Doughnuts made for the weekend.  Supper made, just have to pop it in the oven this evening.   Later, I will head out for my almost daily swim, followed by time in the Sauna.  I plan on going slowly though this day, taking my time to smell the roses and soak in each and ever blessing that comes my way.  Some knitting time, some spinning time.  Some reading time.  I think we have gotten ourselves into a perpetual state of rushing, of never taking time to just think.  We are constantly multitasking, never fully engaged in one single thing.   While working on one thing, we are going over in our mind the next thing on this ever growing list of stuff to accomplish.  We have set the little ones up to be the same and then we wonder why they don't pay attention to us when we talk to them, well, they are just like us, planning the next thing on this list of life.   People seem to have problems just sitting and talking with one another, they are texting to another at the same time or talking on the phone while sitting across from friends at a restaurant.   One evening not long ago, Emery and I were guilty of just this kind of thing.  We were sitting on the sofa watching a favorite TV show and in our hands, our iPhones,  we were both checking our facebook and mail and I was texting all the while.  We laughed but saw the error of this.  Our moments together are precious, not to be given in fragmented pieces.    We corrected the situation by putting the phones away.  My promise to myself today, go slowly through this day, with one purpose at a time.  Connected to the present moment will all my focus.  


Jacqui said...

Wise words. We frequently are both on our laptops while watching tv, a bad habit we seem to have developed.

It's my day off today and I'm going to get a little spinning done this afternoon a well.

Your doughnuts look yummy!

aimee said...

So very, very true:( Love your simple window arrangement!
PS: Time in a sauna sounds fabulous at this time of the year.

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