Thursday, October 17, 2013

Refreshing Rains

The Summer heat is finally gone for the year.  The rains of fall time have returned and the green has returned.  It seems as if we have a mini spring in autumn.  The roses are once again in bloom, and that vibrant green has returned to the grass.  New leaves appear on some of the shrubs.  This morning we woke to 44 F.  A chill in the air that feels so welcome.  The garden is growing inches each day.  We had nearly 4 inches of rain over the past few days.  Just perfect for growing the fall garden.   Our rain barrels are all full too.  Its time for putting on "Wellies" each morning now as I go about the outdoor chores.  I love it !  Our conversations center around subjects like getting the wood stove all cleaned up for the winter ahead and about getting our kindling ready.   Its time for weekend hikes and walking around with binoculars around our necks watching for migrating birds.  We talk about where the sun is shining in the windows in late afternoon.  We would so be the type of family to make in stone where the sun rises and sets if we lived a thousand years ago.  We are always taking notes about the such things.  
Living with awareness of the seasonal changes around us.    Life is interesting, never boring.  Life is good.

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