Saturday, October 05, 2013


While the sun was coming up in the eastern sky, work was taking place in the garden.  Emery was busy pulling some of the bigger weeds, since the ground was still wet from recent rains.  Mei-Ling is visiting us this weekend, so she and I sat together on the porch, watching birds and later filling all the feeders.  We woke with great anticipation for the cold front heading our way.  It was warm and humid sitting on the porch, but we kept checking the radar to see how far away the front was.  We are anxious for sweater weather, even if its only for a few days right now.  A bit later in the morning we went to the local pond and greeted the cold front as it arrived.  What fun we had. A simple pleasure.  No fancy gear needed.  Just our feet for walking and our hands to express our joy.  Life is good.

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