Friday, October 18, 2013

It's A Beautiful Morning

Its a beautiful morning.  Sunshine.  Both porches provided pretty views of the sun coming up.  This morning has been spent with a prayer on my lips for Mei-Ling, she has just had her CT scan of her spine, and now waiting to see the Doctor to find out if she can remove her Cervical Collar.  The poor child has been wearing it 24/7 for the past 6 months.  Her skin under her chin and on her neck is so irritated from the collar, no matter how much padding, or all the creams to make it better.  Not once has she ever complained.  Her heart is always so filled with gratitude for the smallest of things.  Each day at school she sits on the sidelines and sees the other children play at recess and is reminded over and over not to jump, to be careful when she runs and told "no" she cannot climb, but again, never a complaint or a woe is me kind of attitude.  A lesson for all us adults I think.   Praying for good news !


Echoes From the Hill said...

Hope the news is good, for Mei Ling, and the cervical collar will be removed.

aimee said...

That first photo is absolutely stunning! Love it:)
I truly and completely am hoping that today brings good news for Mei-Ling also.

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