Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yard Sale

Sticking to my word regarding living with less "stuff", this weekend we are having a large yard sale...even some of the antiques are going into the "sell" pile.  The more mindfully we live, the less we want around and or need in our lives.  Simplicity just seems to be the manifestation of living in the moment, with no fear of tomorrow or all the "what if's" that we are so good at imagining.    Life has a way of teaching us lessons with each and every new step.  It seems that the stages in life, keep requiring less than the stage before.  
Here is a picture of one small corner of the stuff that is part of the yard sale, its only a fraction of the stuff we are moving on.  It feels good.  Like loosing weight, in a way, and getting rid of the "fat clothes".


Anonymous said...

I took inventory the other day of what we would need in case of a power outage . This is probably the most important to us, to be able to heat water and cook on our BBQ to have iron skillets and old speckleware coffee pot, to have some kind of hurricane lamps and candle holders and also candles, mathces. When I figured it out . We had 4 garage sales LOL !!! Got rid of a lot of junk, however I did make sure there wasnt something my family wanted as a momento of us. I hope it goes well for you..

Lisa said...

Our location isn't conducive to a yard sale so we have sold some things via free online ads and donate to thrift shops every couple of weeks. We are not empty-nesters yet but that time is quickly approaching. As we consider how we want to live during the last years of employment and "retirement" we are getting rid of a lot and desiring to simplify every area of our lives. Our goal is to be unencumbered by possessions, pets, property maintenance, debts, etc. The more we reduce, the better it feels! Good luck with your sale!

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