Friday, October 05, 2012

Changing Vision

For the past few years I have kept a "vision board".  They became all the rage when "The Secret" was first talked about on a popular television show.  At one point, I had most of the wall by my treadmill covered with photos 8X10's to be exact, of things I wanted.  Most of the things on there were material in nature, except of course the one that had a "perfect" body.  I think for the most part, I have all the things I have really wanted.   I believe in the Law of Attraction.  I have seen it work over and over in my life and in the lives of my children.  
Today, I started a new vision board, and although nothing major has changed in the externals of my life, things internally seem to be changing, comfortably changing.  Nothing rash, no big event to cause such change, just something inside me that wants to achieve a depth of meaningful and mindful living that almost transcends words. 
I started collecting pictures today of what I wanted to draw into my life, to my life, and of what I wanted to become.   There was not one material item among them.  No new shoes, no new furniture, no new clothes, no need diet fads.  What there was, had everything to do with changing attitudes, concepts, erasing misconceptions.  Discovering a peace within that cannot be shaken by circumstances and certainly not by others.  I found pictures depicting the attitude I want inside of me.  Compassion on a level so far unknown to me.  I copied out quotes regarding mindfulness.  Being in the moment, aware.  Which made me realize I do many things throughout the day, while busily thinking about moments in the past or moments in the future, with so little regard for this instant, the very moment that will never exist again.  I realized I eat that way too.  I sit at the computer in a state of mind hyperactivity.   I suppose I even drive with a thousand thoughts racing through my head.  My vision board today, reflects the desire to be more mindful, more aware of my words, my thoughts, my actions.  It is a changed vision in its depth of wanting more of what is carried inside of me.  What translates into who I am on the deepest level.  The vision is changing, and I believe its becoming clearer.

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grbev said...

Does this new approach include Facebook? I finally gave up my account because there was too much drama and it is such a time waster. In order to live a better life, I need to focus on me and not live vicariously through others (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs) (although I still have a few favorites!). I have more time to be creative, serve others, and enjoy the quiet of a simple life.

Bev in Utah

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