Thursday, October 04, 2012

Thinking . . .

This morning was the kind of morning that was full of quiet spaces.  Time enough to let my mind roam to the millions of thoughts that fill my head each day, and carefully pick one or two, to mull over, to contemplate in this quietude.   After doing the DNA testing for our family history, I have wondered often about what Gods purpose is in maintaining thousands of years of the same haplogroup through generations of family members.  Its amazing to think that my 60th great grandmother and my grand-daughter would share this same genetic footprint.  Connecting us, binding the women in the family together.   I wondered, totally unscientifically of course, if this connection, is a secret homing device in our hearts, bonding child to mother and grandmother and on the reverse.   I am glad that I have the freedom of thought to muse on the wonders of Gods creation and come up with off the wall ideas that just seem to make sense to me.   Creation is to me, one of the most amazing things, the way all of nature works is so beyond comprehension, so beyond what any of us could ever think up.   


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