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Dreams Do Come True

Way back in 2006 I wrote about my love of baby prams Prams and Perambulating and then again in 2007 I wrote about my dream to own a Silver Cross doll pram, which I personally consider the Doll Pram of all doll prams for my first grand-daughter. For the past few years I contemplated ways to acquire one without feeling a bit guilty for being an over indulging Grandmother and buying one for her to play with at my house. I knew that the reality was that I wanted one so my grand-daughters could learn to love prams and discover the joy of walking dolls and then later in life, babies. Tonight, my husband surprised me with a navy blue Silver Cross Doll Pram from England for the girls to play with here at the house, and he so wisely suggested that even if they don't fall in love with it, then I can use it to keep my childhood doll in it. I am spoiled, I know. But, I am not complaining one bit.

Spring Morning Breakfast

A simple life doesn't have to be drab and can be filled with color and beauty, just as our world is. This morning, breakfast on the porch. Birds singing, and the sunshine making it feel just right.

The Afternoon in Pictures


Maddox discovers he can bark


Maddox is such a joy, so laid back, so much fun, so patient with the little ones and just an all around great puppy. He did try to "round up" the hens last week, but they gave him a peck or two and that was the end of his wanting to herd the chickens.

Sirens and Tornados

Yesterday the weather was looking pretty bad and then we got a telephone warning to head for shelter, just before the tornado siren began to scream. I drove down the road, picked up Melanie and the children and we headed for the storm shelter. We were notified that the tornado would reach us at 3:40 and it was just about 3:20. Cell phones were not working which meant I had no way of letting Emery know he should be taking cover. He works just a couple miles from home and his computer at the office is less than efficient. Its actually slower than molasses on a cold winters day. It was difficult just sitting there with no way of knowing what was going on outside. We could hear the wind, the thunder and some hail and the sirens kept going off. By 4:20 we had the all clear. What a stressful day it was. Steven saw a tornado on his way home from the shop. It touched down in the town right next to his office and also hit right near the two state parks we hike so often at.

Friends have had hail…

A Blessed Easter

Beautiful service, beautiful family and thankful for the many blessings in our life. Thankful for a risen Savior.

Storms on the way

praying they are not bad tonight.

Raw Cupcake Recipe

There is hardly a week that passes by without my making some raw cupcakes. We just love them and they are satisfying. They take care of my sweet tooth and they are filling. Right now I am having fun coming up with new "frosting" recipes. Sometimes I use peanut butter with banana, other times we like a nice coconut frosting.
For the basic recipe I have found the one on Rawdorable to be our favorite.

Live A Simple Life

Richard J Foster set down some principles that we can follow to live simple lives:
Buy things for their usefulness rather than their status
Reject anything that is producing an addiction in you
Develop a habit of giving things away - de-accumulate
Refuse to be propagandised by the custodians of modern gadgetry
Learn to enjoy things without owning them
Develop a deeper appreciation for the creation
Look with a healthy scepticism at all 'buy now, pay later' schemes
Obey Jesus' injunction about plain, honest speech
Reject anything that will breed the oppression of others
Shun whatever would distract you from your main goal

Earth Day, Quaker Farm, Michigan


Dutch Apple Pancakes

Its a cool, damp evening. Perfect weather for some nice comfort food for supper.
Lots of eggs on hand, plenty of goats milk and thanks to Melissa, some great Vermont maple syrup. Emery was greeted at the door by the smell of one of his favorite meals. I don't use a recipe, just add what I know and use my eye for the measuring. But I did find a recipe on line that looked much like what I put together. I bake mine in a cast iron skillet, nice and hot when I pour the batter in.
Puffed Apple Pancake

An Afternoon Ramble

Once in a while I need a reality check. I am human, all too human at times and fall prey to the modern concept of how we paint a picture of success I watched Oprah today since I seem to have sprained my ankle when Maddox ran up the stairs just a second before me and caused me to trip. He is fine, but my ankle is a tad bit sore today. But perhaps this little pain turned into something very valuable. I was sitting on the sofa with some ice on my ankle watching Oprah when the show turned out to be the very reminder I needed to see. The show was about Tom Shadyac's story THE HOLLYWOOD SHOCKER: FROM MULTIMILLIONAIRE TO MOBILE HOME Some of the points he made and some of the things he talked about just hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew that, I know that, I believe that, but I also get off track from time to time. God is good, He finds a way to bring me back around just when I need it. All this week I have been feeling discontent, not in the way most people use the word discontent. But …

Hail !

A storm came through just a while ago. Thunder, lightning, rain and hail, some the size of golf balls. Thank God we are all fine and so are the cars. This has been some spring and we are not even to the most active storm time.
A rose, unharmed.

Simple Monday

Tending the garden, cutting fresh roses for the table. Tea and a book. Playing with the puppy. Folding laundry. Painting the trim on the porch. Cooking supper. Making raw cupcakes for dessert. Watching butterflies and listening to bird songs. Going at whatever pace the job demanded or didn't. Telephone chats with loved ones. A tall glass of iced water, when the thermometer reached 90. Beautiful music, flowery skirt with a long hem that was just too tempting for a little puppy so he tugged at it and growled as if it were a monster. Time enough to watch ducklings swim and notice their feathers growing.
Bare feet, dirty fingernails from working in the soil. Whispered prayers when a name comes to mind. And there was time to watch the man from the electric company fix the power line and cut down the offending tree. Simplicity, mixed with the scent of rose petals and fresh air. Pretty dishes on the table, collected through the years and many were gifts given in love.
This is living the si…

Brunch On The Porch

Organic White Rose Tea, cheese and crackers. Perfect brunch for a perfect day. Now time for me to get busy and work on painting the porch trim.

Weston Gardens Fort Worth

A little video clip I took with my phone from Weston Demonstration Gardens. The music playing there was Frank Sinatra, a favorite of ours too.

Weston Gardens

Come spring, I spend a lot of time tending my rose bushes and dreaming of the ones I want to add to my collection. Yesterday, Emery took me to Weston Gardens to purchase a couple of new bushes. This brings my total number of bushes to 3o I think. Would have to go out to the rose garden and count them to be sure. I was disappointed that they were out of a vigorous climber I wanted, "New Deal" so Emery ordered it this morning on line for me from
The Antique Rose Emporium
Now I can't wait for it to arrive. The bush can grow up to 20' and I have just the right place for it at the end of the south porch. Its a fragrant rose which means we shall have the wonderful scent of roses drifting by us as we sit on the porch each evening.
We are often told to "stop and smell the roses" in an attempt to slow down our hurried life and see the beauty around us. I guess that concept appeals to me on so many levels, and stopping to smell the roses is a true joy to me.
I am anxiou…

An Irish Weaver's Rugged Remote Life

This is one of my favorite videos

Thank You Kim

A knock at the door, a beautiful lady standing there with a basket. Even at a glance, I can see it is filled with the things I love. In that instant, I am hoping she is not looking for the folks next door.
She is looking for me ! A long time blog reader, she knows we have had a difficult week. I am moved to tears. French Lemonade, chocolate, wonderful bread, flowers, treats for the little ones, even some Hello Kitty items. Cheese, my favorite kinds too and salami. Loose tea, and more. Kim, you know me very well through my blog, because you filled that basket with all the things we love. Such a bright spot in a difficult day, a tough week. I feel so blessed.
This basket of compassion is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen !
Thank you ~

For The Love of Roses

A walk around our property will soon share with you my love of roses !