Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Morning Tea Served With Music

There are two things that make my morning feel a bit more complete. Tea and music. To be exact, classical music and either Earl Grey or Lady Grey tea. For me, morning tea doesn't have to be fancy but it can't be served in a beaker with a tea bag hanging off the side. I like a tea pot on the table, creamer and sugar bowl and a tea cup. It gets me in the right mood for the day. Makes me a little bit more aware of maintaining that sense of womanhood and demeanour that feels just a tad more dignified then if I miss my morning tea. Perhaps, my nose does go up in the air a little, but it doesn't stay there very long. After my tea, its time to feed the chickens and tend the garden which both ground me very nicely.
My life is changing, and I am willing and enthusiastic to accept these changes now. We are no longer a Homesteading family in the purest sense. Our children are grown and married, the need to provide a solid work ethic in them has been accomplished. Emery and I now want a bit more freedom to do some of the things we had dreamed about in the past, and not be so tied down to caring for animals.

Its an easier time in life. We don't have to grow an acre of food for the two of us, or have a flock of 25 chickens. We can turn that corner of the yard into a real rose garden and plant flowers where we once had to grow food. We have the time and the means to transform our lovely old cottage into the home we have dreamed about for so many years. Its an exciting time that we planned for and saved for.

A gentler time. Homeschooling took up much of my time through the years and I loved it so much. Missed it when it was over, but have found a way to fill that void, by rediscovering the things I had to put on hold, joyfully so as motherhood is the most wonderful job in the world. But now, I can sit down, and feel the new joy of surrounding myself with things that delight my heart. Not expensive things or stuff that is not useful, but things that inspire and give one the feeling of calm contentment. Its a new era for us and one that we have planned well for and finally are feeling comfortable with. It seems to be turning into a simple life surrounded by beauty.

tea this morning

Earl Grey


La Tea Dah said...

Life is a journey --- I'm glad you are finding your way. Adjusting to an empty nest after years of homeschooling is not an easy task.

Have you tried this? It's one of my fav teas:

Earl Grey tea with a dash of vanilla syrup (or vanilla flavoring and stevia) and soy milk. It is SO good! I love Lady Grey too.

Jenn said...

I just love checking in here. You have a knack with the camera lens that captures God's simple beauty all around you.

I'm in Michigan ... my daffodils are blooming and my snowfountain tree just bloomed, but other than that, not much color here, so I'm appreciating yours!

grbev said...

Good morning. The sun is shining in Utah and it is warm enough outside that the copious snow in the mountains is melting and roaring down through the many canyons but not warm enough for dangerous flooding yet. I have been over across the way taking a friend on a tour of a halter horse training stable and paddocks. Such beautiful animals. Watched a ferrier at work, stepped over various border collies (so smart and helpful on the farm), checked out the little filly colt that I had watched being born last Jan. 13in the middle of a snowy night. I loved your post because it kind of describes my life too, although I am a bit older than you. My youngest is 37 this year. Kids are living near but have own lives, grandkids are in college and getting married, and on missions (youngest is 8 now), so we can pretty much do what we want to (on a limited budget of course thanks to bad times in the stock market!!) But we have enough for our needs and we don't require much because we live such a simple lifestyle. All we have is a cat and a cute little lap dog. But we have all the cows, horses, llamas, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese and wild birds around us that we can enjoy but don't have to take care of. Isn't life grand!

From my sunny cool deck in Utah,


PS The thrift stores are calling my name today. Don't buy much but there is always the anticipation of a surprise find!

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