Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Beauty of A Garden

Stepping out the back door into the warm humid morning air that felt heavy and instantly turned my hair into frizz, I hung out the morning wash, wondering if it will dry even in the breeze that was blowing. Task completed I meandered over to the garden to find lots of snow peas ready to be picked..more than a couple of them ended up as part of my breakfast while I finished picking them. Plum tomatoes so numerous on the vines. I can't wait for them to be ripe. Dill, going to seed. The dill plants did a fine job of feeding the caterpillars this year. I didn't mind sharing, knowing there would be beautiful butterflies fluttering around from all that good nutrition. I noticed lots of yellow squash in the back garden, time to pick that and at while out in that part of the land, feed and water the ducks...change the water in their pool too. It stays clean all of 5 minutes ! They seem to enjoy it being nasty looking though My hands smell of soil and that green sort of scent that comes from handling tomato vines and picking vegetables. The rose garden was calling to me. Its a place where the colors seem deeper, more intense. The bushes that surround and hide this area from the front of the house are tall and sheltering. You forget the road is not that far away, or that there are neighbors on that side of our property. More dead heading to do, but the pruners are almost always in my pocket when I go outside. There is always some trimming needing to be done. Tonight, we will be planting the new rose bushes. Lisa asked what the names of the new roses are, so here is the list...New Dawn, a pink climber, well suited to the Texas weather. Tahitian Sunset...bold in its pinks to coral. Bridal Bouquet, a sweet white rose that reminds me of an old fashioned summer wedding. Passionate Kisses, a nice pink rose that will be perfect for a bowl vase. Peace Rose, yellow to pink, perfect for that single rose vase. Finally, a low bush rose called Coral Drift. Bright coral in color a nice little hedge sort of rose. There are also the two new bushes purchased earlier for Mothers Day. Star of the Republic and another Heritage Rose. Never too many Heritage rose bushes for me ! I slept last night on new Italian bed linens, 600 thread count, embroidered indulgence to be certain. White on white, scented with Rose linen spray. It seemed as if I was sleeping in a rose garden, not overpowering, very light. Discovered anew with each toss or turn. Sleep was sweet and sound. I very well could have dreamed I was in the beauty of the garden.


Blogger Jacqueline said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading some of your blog. We must think a bit alike...your photos, your simpler life, your love of the out-of-doors...
Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration. Blessings to you!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011  
Blogger Jenn said...

Ahhh, you are so lucky to be harvesting veggies from your garden already! Here in Michigan, I just planted my veggie garden yesterday, and my neighbors think I planted too soon. I couldn't wait any longer, I'll take my chances! I do love our Great Lakes, but not the shorter growing season so much. I also planted a 3rd rose bush in my flower garden...a very pretty yellow New Day tea rose.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011  

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