Sunflowers and Wildflowers

A short drive from home landed us in the middle of a sunflower field.  All along the road, wildflowers still in bloom.  This has been the most amazing year for wildflowers.  They just keep coming !  Right now the Standing Cypress Ipomopsis rubra (Polemoniaceae) are blooming and they are one of my favorites, with their tall red blooms.  
Fields of Indian blankets are everywhere !


aimee said…
So incredibly beautiful! I just never tire of seeing native wildflowers...thank you for sharing.
Such beauty! No wonder Lady Bird Johnson wanted to protect and promote Texas wildflowers! And the sunflowers are gorgeous, too, but not wild, I think...

I'm so glad you posted again. I was afraid something happened to you, Patty. I do enjoy reading your posts.
Still praying for Mei-Ling.
Izzysquilts said…
How is Mei-Ling ???
Izzysquilts said…
How is Mei-Ling ???
Sunflowers are a favorite. This is my third season of planting saved seed--mostly from the 'dwarf' many branched varieties. I have a clump or two of Blanket Flower. The tall Red Cypress is new to me.

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