PRAYERS PLEASE, Surgery First Thing Monday Morning

Tomorrow morning, very early, around 7 am. Mei-Ling will be having her surgery.  We are praying for her, for her parents to be strong, for the Doctor and for Mei to have a speedy recovery without much pain and discomfort.  She is such a strong little one, never complaining about the things she has gone through, but always looking to the bright side of things and how much better her life will be when all this is behind her and "she can run and jump and take P.E. in school !"   The surgery may take around 10 hours so many prayers are needed.  They will be putting a plate at the base of her brain and doing a spinal fusion.  My heart aches just thinking about what she will have to go through.  God will be with her every step of the way and we feel very good about the surgery, just hate the thought of her having a moments pain.  
I thank you in advance for your prayers and healing thoughts.


QuiltingFitzy said…
It's 25-minutes pre-surgery. Please let me take your hand. I'll be thinking all the good healing thoughts I can muster, all day long.

I'll be with you.
Such a long difficult day for your family. This little girl has already endured so much. Her sweet and trusting temperment is surely a tribute to the way she has been nurtured.
Mary Ann said…
Prayers flowing your way, Patty. Let us know how she comes out.
I will be praying all day for her, Patty. I hope soon she will be running faster and jumping higher than anyone else in her PE class.
God bless, Kathy in Illinois
Melanie said…
Praying for your darling Mei-Ling this morning...and for the doctors and nurses...and peace of mind for her parents and you and Emery. Love to you all.
Sharri said…
Praying for Mei Ling this morning!
Sharri said…
Praying for God to have His hand on her during the surgery, and the recovery!
Cathy said…
My prayers are with Mei-Ling and your entire family.

Prayers have been going up all day. May God hold all of you in in His loving arms today. Please let us know something as soon as possible. Hugs, Sher
Prayers have been going up all day. May God hold all of you in his loving arms. Please let us know something as soon as you can. Hugs, Sher
Prayers holding Mei-Ling up and all your family for successful treaments and surgery and healing. She is such a special little girl with such a loving heart.
Tracy Franklin said…
Praying also, bless her heart. I just had the exact surgery done last Wednesday. Mei and I share the same neck collar! Its funny, I just came across your page and read up on her surgery. Its what I needed to see because I was all set to be put out and grumpy because my movements are now limited but this little angel has been living with a collar for a while. She made me feel ashamed of myself and so I'm taking a leap out of her page and thinking about all the cool things I WILL be able to do when the healing is complete. OAN: My surgery took5 hours, they did a skin graft from my hip bone. I was able to come home on the Friday and my family is having a hard time keeping me from doing more than I should.

Little Mei will pull through just fine! Extra prayers for parents and grandparents!

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