Catch Up Time

In the past week, we have been trying to get a lot of experiences in for Mei-Ling, since Monday morning, 7 am, she will have her surgery.  One day last week, we let the little ones pick plums and let them get as messy as they wanted, which was followed by some fun in the pool.  Mel-Ling had to be very careful in the pool but she still enjoyed it.   It seems everyone in the family is working hard at not being too worried about this operation, but we all are very aware of the risks and the seriousness of it.   Mei-Ling of course is her cheerful, optimistic little self.  Telling us over and over how much she is going to enjoy the results of the operation.  Being able to run, jump and even take PE in school next year.   
I ask for all your prayers and good thoughts this coming Monday morning for our sweet little angel.   She asked me just the other day, "Grammie, you miss your mother don't you ?"  I told her I did, to which this little old soul replied, "Don't worry Grammie, I have enough love for you to make up for you missing your mommy and remember I live just down the street, so when you feel lonely, you can just come see me."   Her heart is so big.  


aimee said…
I was just thinking about Mei-Ling this morning and making a note so I wouldn't forget to pray Monday morning for her. Indeed, her heart is very big...
Blessings, Aimee
I will definitely be praying for that sweet little girl on Monday. She is a special soul and I believe God has a wonderful future in store for her.
God bless, Kathy in Illinois
Thank you for the reminder that Mei-Ling will need special prayers on Monday. She has endured so much and is so optomistic. Sometimes it is hard to say, "Thy Will Be Done."
Peacemom said…
Prayers are with her and you all from up here in New Hampshire. Hoping for a surgery that is quick and a recovery that is uneventful and prayers for her surgical team for guidance as well. ~Vonnie, NH
Rosemary said…
Sending prayers for Mei-Ling ad the family.
Will definitely be praying for Mai-Ling and for the surgeon who will be operating on her.
May God be watching over your family, too.

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