Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow is softly falling

This morning huge snowflakes feel softly as we started our day.  Snow in this part of Texas is always a big deal, we only get one or two snowfalls a year and last year we had no snow in our area.  The birds were flocking to the feeders by the window.  Hungry from trying to stay warm.   I got the fire going in the stove and then hurried outside to soak in the wonder of the snow.  The air felt and smelled like so many of my childhood memories of winter in Massachusetts.  I love that hushed silence that arrives with snow.  It feels like a holy moment.  I whispered a prayer of gratitude for all that is good in my life, including the joy of this snowfall. My boots creating that crunching sound in the snow.  Edgar, our resident crow, hopping from tree to tree, following me, looking puzzled with my interest in the snow.  Finally he "caw cawed" right at me and went to his feeder for breakfast.   The duck, let out of their house, run out and just as fast, run back into their house.  Snow is not for them !
The sun is now out and its warmer up a bit so the snow will soon be gone, but memories were made and I soaked in all the beauty of the February snowfall.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you were able to get some of the beauty of freshly fallen in the North, we have had quite a bit of it and it still more to come :0) mari

aimee said...

You captured your snow blessing perfectly in these photos Patty! They're really beautiful! So happy that God sent you some snow this year:)

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