Wednesday, February 04, 2015

A Perfectly Peaceful Morning

From my little corner by the window, I am wrapped in the warmth of the wood stove next to me, and filled with delight as I watch the birds on the other side of the glass, eating at the feeders, tufted titmouse, cardinals by the dozens, sparrows, chickadees, goldfinch, house finch, purple finch, Carolina wrens, while below on the ground, white winged and mourning doves, scratch the ground for what seed may have spilled.  The room is filled with the cozy scent of balsam incense, mingled with the aroma of my chamomile tea.   The hum of the spinning wheel blends in perfectly with the music of Patrick Ball, playing Celtic harp on the stereo.  Soft white merino wool slips through my fingers as I spin it into angel soft yarn for a winters hat.  My shoulders hugged in warmth from my red wool shawl, knitted just last month, a Tasha Tudor style shawl, practical and yet pretty.  It matches my wool socks that keep the cold floor from biting my toes with a chill.  It is indeed a perfectly peaceful morning.

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JacquiG said...

Sounds idyllic! :)

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