Friday, February 27, 2015

Hot Chocolate, Marshmallows, Knitting and Dutch Apple Pancakes

Sitting by the window, watching the snow fall once again, made me wonder about our decision to plant the garden a couple of weeks ago, but then I remind myself that we planted only the seeds we know can handle this type of late winter weather.  The stove feels good and my feet, clothed only in woolen socks, are toasty warm as they rest on the brick hearth as my knitting needles fly and the candle in the window flickers.  I don't need the candle for light, but just for its simple beauty on this cold wintry day.  How glad I will be to hear that all my children and grandchildren are snuggled in their homes.  One more to be retrieved from school and then all will be safe from the slick roads.   We have watched more than one tow truck pass by the house with a smashed car on it.  
Emery is busy putting up a shelf in the kitchen for me to store some of my canned goods on while I knit and will later get a bit of sewing done.   I passed by the spring fabric sitting by my machine that I purchased for spring and summer skits...seems almost silly to sew on them today, so I may just work on a quilt I have started.  Today, spring and summer feel far away.  Our wind chill is in the low teens and our actual temperature is 23F which isn't very cold compared to other places in the world, but it wasn't that long ago, just over a week, that we had temps in the low 80's F .  I like this weather, this winter cold and snow.  I always think God gives it to me as a gift, since I love it so dearly.  A Fathers tender gift to his often times rebellious child, but His child that loves Him with all her heart and soul.
The kittens are curled up in one singular ball of red fur, content to sleep most of the day away, well, that is until that time when they decide to run in circles, climb on everything and wear themselves out once again.   Such is this fine winter day on our little homestead.


aimee said...

Your Dutch Baby pancake looks fabulous! They are one of my favs but I think I've made one only once here. Perhaps it's time to change that :)

Kelley said...

Recipe requested please at


Hugs and happy weekend from the Canadian Plains this week,

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